Second Brunei trip

Lame title, I know. I couldn’t be bothered to think of a creative title at all. It’s my second trip to visit my cousins (and uncle and aunt xD) in Brunei. the first time was one week after I came back from Manchester, and the second trip was, coincidentally enough , the last week before I leave for Manchester. We departed early, at around seven in the morning, reaching a transition place (no idea where it is) where my uncle picked me up yay!

I reached their house at around nine in the morning. Pretty early. By now i’m foggy with all the timeline and all, so the chronology may be jumbled up (you wouldn’t know the difference and my cousin doesn’t read my blog anyway HAHA!)

Merc, Jeff and I went to The Mall (yes, that’s the name of the mall.) First of,  we head to Swansen’s to eat their famous ice cream ; five different flavours: butterscotch, cookies and cream, chocolate, mocha with almond, and orange. The orange flavour is kind of odd when mixed with all others.

We finished the everything so quickly even though we just had our lunch an hour ago. Below’s a picture of my cousin and I. Merciana. Anyone interested? 😛

I don’t know where they hear it from, but if you are able to tie a knot with the cherry stick in your mouth, it means that you are a good kisser. Jeff, barely even 12 years old could do it. TWICE. We jalan jalan around the mall. Poor Jeff has no choice to follow us around.. he doesn’t enjoy looking at the things we look at : dresses, clothings, wall stickers etc, but he is happy to be in a shopping mall i’m sure!

Then, we walked to Jaya. Along the way, I bought Glee Season 1, second half of it. Nice! Thumbs up! In Jaya… we ate AGAIN.

Honey with kaya pancake and 11 balls of ter-something.

The balls are delicious btw !

and Chocolate Cookies Crepe

Went to Jaya supermarket and browsed through clothings. For an interesting video click  here .

We had BBQ that night. Lots of food yummy!

Just to state the obvious, we tried barbecuing marshmallows. Put it on the grill for a few minutes and when you put the marshmallow in your mouth, it melts. Very nice!

Merciana and Wilson (family friend’s son?)

First day of Hari Raya. Went to eat dim sum at .. some restaurant. Then took picture at another place (I really should start asking where I am)

Andy and Jeff doing .. erm. what’s this?

For dinner, we had Escapade Sushi’s sushi while watching Glee!!

And played board scrabble after eating. It’s been years since I last played board scrabble. Online scrabble aren’t as fun, don’t you agree?

I was supposed to return that morning, but my cousin convinced me to stay another night for a house warming.

Merciana with her peace pose; i pointed “omg posing again?” richard squinting “am i in the picture?”

I played water bouncer for the first time. What’s that ? It’s like a very large slide (about two stories high) and when you slide down you fall into a pool of water. Why don’t we have this in Miri ? 😦

I just realised. This is a double combo ‘test’ : fear of falling and fear of water. I was lucky to have been into a swimming pool just a week ago, but the falling part is just terrifying, at the same time pretty exciting!

I look like a fat chicken. PAK PAK PAKKK!! *flaps wings* haha..

and we reached the bottom!  For more pictures click here

After eating satay, we played with firey things that night.

Very beautiful!

We returned home before midnight. I planned to have a good night sleep before I returned to Miri early in the morning.. but when i asked a simple question, Merc and I started a long long long conversation. We brought out many memories that stick to mind, some good some bad. It’s always easier to see things more clearly from the third party, don’t you think?

I slept after six. That six hours in between was the best part of my trip.



I’m back from Brunei ! 😀

Saying that it was fun seemed to be an understatement, wouldn’t it? The only thing significant enough for me to remember was being screamed at in my ear, unintentionally of course . *big grin* oh, oh!

It’s long enough to drive from Miri to Brunei airport, it is even longeeeer to drive to the city. But its all worth it when we arrive to my cousin’s new house, to be welcomed by warm home-cooked meal. Karen and I slept in Merciana’s room, which is full of bears and books!

This trip i got to do some things I missed doing, and do new things I never do before.

  1. Try on dresses for imaginary prom i’m going to.
  2. We entered a shop that sells plenty of prom dresses that costs B$170 at least. It’s fun trying them on without buying them. This is one of the few dresses I know how to slip myself into; some dresses are so complicated I have no idea how to wear it 😦 Oh my flabby arms 😦


  3. Eat Escapade sushi
  4. I forgot how pricey eating sushi is. But a table for 13 means more variety of sushi we can taste, from prawn to salmon to duck to well.. sushi-s!

    Raw salmon


  5. Watch movie with my cousins
  6. The movie Case 39 is going to be in my mind forever. It’s about this eerie little girl who’s sort of possessed by this demon and well, I’m not going to spoil the story for you. Google the synopsis if you are curious. Genre: Horror/Thriller. I will always remember how… high the “arrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhh* scream.

    Other than that we watch Alice in Wonderland, Prince and Me, Remember Me and PostGrad. Not bad. Just in two-three days……


  7. Eat Swensen’s ice cream
  8. Merciana brought us to eat ice cream for almost B$16. and I must say she’s so sly to know how to pay first before hand. She excused herself in the middle of the lunch/brunch/tea whatever it’s called, to go to toilet, so she so graciously claimed. Then when we left, she said that the shop belonged to her friends and they let eat for freeeeee. I almost believed her, considering how pure and innocent she looked! HAHA!


  9. Eat raw oysters
  10. I ate only two of those, sprinkled over with lemon. It tasted … well.. slimy.


  11. Play monopoly
  12. …with Merciana and Jeff . I’m so deep in monopoly debt 😦  At one point I owed Merciana 1200 and Jeff 800. It’s fun even if I’m playing to lose haha!

  13. Manicure
  14. My “manicurist”, if such word exists…. once again Merciana! 😀 haha


Life’s fun. Well it still is.