Penang Day 2: PBIM & MIP Interactive Museum

Penang Day 2: 16 November 2014 Before the Run Our very kind host, Id, woke up early in the morning to make us egg sandwiches while I had my banana 🙂 Having 8 persons under a roof with one bathroom was fun, but a little daunting. We had to queue up to shower and/ or use the … Continue reading Penang Day 2: PBIM & MIP Interactive Museum


Penang Day 1: Kek Lok Si temple

Several months ago, I spontaneously signed up for a 10 km run for Penang Bridge Marathon after knowing that a few high school friends had registered. I have never been to the city and thought that this would be worth a trip. It was. How I went to joining a run when I sighed if … Continue reading Penang Day 1: Kek Lok Si temple

The Oil City

In relation to topic #62: Describe the town where you grew up. I miss home lately. Being more than 6000 miles away, it's not that difficult. Although I accustomed to living in Manchester, there is no place like home.. don't you agree? As I close my eyes right now, I could almost feel like I never left; Miri … Continue reading The Oil City