Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day

The two most important dates in the history of Malaysia are 31st August 1957 and 16th September 1963. 31st August is commonly known as Malaysia Independence Day, though that is not quite the case. 57 years ago on this date, the Federation of Malaya (now known as West Malaysia) was independent of British colony. However, independence came a little later for East Malaysia; Sabah and Sarawak actual independence days fall on 31st August 1963 and 22nd July 1963 respectively. Interesting, isn’t it? On 16th September 1963, Malaysia was formed when the Federation of Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and for a very brief moment, Singapore. This is known as Malaysia Day. Continue reading

Raya in Miri

One thing I love about Malaysia is the abundance in public holidays. This Raya, we are blessed with two days break extended over the weekend! Ever since I started working, this is my first 4 consecutive nights in Miri. I have been going back periodically, but being thrifty on my leaves, I only return to Miri over the weekend. Continue reading

One Night in Singapore

Early April, I went to Singapore for a weekend trip to visit my brother and watch Yiruma’s live concert. The concert was amazing and worth every cent. Prior to this, the last time I stepped foot in Singapore was returning from UK after graduation in 2013. 😀

After the concert, my brother brought me to enjoy the night view of Singapore. I could tell that he was tired (poor him!) and we quickly left after snapping a few pictures here and there. Both my brother and I were blissfully spoilt with a night at Marina Bay Sands. The hotel main attraction was most definitely the Sands Skypark, only accessible by guests. Continue reading