Following my sydney trip, I went to Melbourne for a couple of days. Nothing much to write about except that I met B and C – both K’s flatmates (and sis)  who turn out to be two people with awesome personalities.

I’m glad to be back to Miri soon enough (:

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Hello! I’m back from Australia two weeks ago. Sydney is lovely. The weather is warm – surprisingly warm for winter. The trip to visit my brother is pretty last minute planning; short but meaningful nevertheless. It was my first time traveling alone, and mind you it’s overrated about how envious it looks to be traveling by yourself. It feels lonely roaming around the airport and waiting in the departure hall alone. The worse part is having to eat alone. 😦 But all’s well.

I love sitting by the window. As the plane flew from KL at midnight, I get to watch the sunrise from ten thousand feet above, shortly before we land.

sunrise from the plane

It’s pretty….. isn’t it?

sydney from above

Brother had a surprise for me back at his place: a Burberry scarf . cool? I have three scarfs in UK – two from my canada cousins, and one i bought from primark simply because it’s purple LOL. I’m a little lazy to narrate everything (since it happened such a looooong time ago :D) but hope you enjoy the pictures!

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