Croatia Pt 2 of 2: Dubrovnik

After two days of working out in Plitvice, we headed to our final destination in Croatia; Dubrovnik.  This was also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We took a bus to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia and the airport was deserted that it was really hard to believe!. The heat in Dubrovnik was especially … Continue reading Croatia Pt 2 of 2: Dubrovnik


Croatia Pt 1 of 2: Zadar and Plitvice

In less than 24 hours upon arrival in Manchester (a story for another day), I took the bus down to Liverpool for a flight to Croatia. This was our final trip together as students, our ultimate graduation trip. We started off in Zadar, then Plitvice Lakes National Park and finally Dubrovnik. A recap of Croatia: Day … Continue reading Croatia Pt 1 of 2: Zadar and Plitvice

Summer in Paris

Eiffel Tower. Lourve museum. Notre-dame Cathedral.  Sacré-Coeur. Champs-Elysées. La Defense. Orsay Museum. Arc de Triomphe.  These are some of the popular landmarks we immediately thought of when someone mentioned "Paris". Paris is beautiful. The thing about Paris is even if you see the same monuments all over again, you never get tired. At least not for me. … Continue reading Summer in Paris


 I am not an avid traveller.  Most of the places I have been to are for the company instead of the scenery itself.  As the saying goes: the more the merrier. The last Europe trip I been to was Norway, as soon as summer started. And as the summer ended, we had another Europe trip … Continue reading Poland