Goodbye Miri

Gosh, has it been three months?

I’m leaving for Manchester tomorrow. Things aren’t completely packed yet though. Clothes are hung in the closet, electronic gadgets are still in the box, books are neatly placed in the bookshelves. Unlike the previous year where I finished packing one week prior to departure date (okay it wasn’t me, it was my mum who insisted), by now, the luggages are pretty empty. Last minute packing. :S

I’m slightly reluctant to leave Miri though. The first time I went away, it was with the excitement of embarking on a new chapter – to wonder how does it feels like to be overseas. Now, it’s my second year in the university, and there is nothing particular to look forward to, except to the thought that I would be doing anything but rotting.

Anyways, the holidays has been pretty good.

violin, music

I took up a new instrument ; violin (Read @ In the Midst of Every Storm or tag:music). I remembered the first time I pluck the bow; I was simply amazed by the music, although the physics terms like wave, amplitude, oscillation, vibration, intensity immediately came to mind. After six weeks, I switched to a new teacher, who was a little annoyed with my lack of motivation to learn, but at that time, I was too busy with work…

Yes work. It was my first job; I was a replacement teacher in August (Read @The Replacement: Pt 2)  and I have to say, it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Some of the students reminded me of how I used to be when I was studying back then. Is it really possible to change that much within one year? Or maybe, I just forget the person that I used to be…

Of course, I’ve been out of the Oil City a couple of times; Brunei – twice (Read @ tag:Brunei). The first time was one week after I came back from Manchester, and the second trip was on the last week before I leave for Manchester. The first trip, I remembered bathing without heater, Merciana screaming at my ears, and eating raw oysters. Urghh. The second trip, I recollected that I played on the water bouncer, fireworks, and the best six hours conversation.

Sports? Not much. I’ve went to the gym a couple of times, played badminton (Read @ Warm Friday ) until I realised my racket is spoilt and went swimming despite my fear of water (Read @ splash, splosh, slosh). This only happened before and after August (working month 🙂 ).  I am sure I put on weight when I come back – no exercise + more food = fat.

Gatherings. I hung out with friends, both old and new. We had few great moments together, don’t you think?  The last one was Ling Lee’s birthday, just last week. I spent more time with family and relatives this time; awww, I miss them already.

Other petty things like cleaning my room, sorting up photo albums, clearing out my iTunes, categorize files in laptop and making cards..  I didn’t get to start doing cards until last week, after I came back from second Brunei trip. My cousin showed me A2 photographs she pasted on the wall  and soon later I was very inspired to make cards!

For the four of you, Surprise!!! (Hope you like the REAL card.)

Summer break is over. Goodbye Miri. 🙂

Back to university !