End of Summer 2011

If I were to pick a season, any season at all, I would pick summer. The weather is pleasant, and there are constant golden rays of the sun, but most importantly, I am back home where I belong.

but now…

my summer break is almost over. I even downloaded a countdown widget on my Dashboard – as the clock continues to tick, the days remains before I have to leave Miri gets shorter and shorter…. and shorter. Each year it gets harder to leave Miri than the last – it feels there are more things to leave behind.

How did my summer go?

To be honest, it couldn’t get any better.

Spending holidays with family, friends and blood relatives – even distant ones inks unforgettable memories. I even posted an album on my Facebook (you can only see it if you’re know me in person) about random things that happens in this three months – which is rare because I hardly shared any albums on Facebook. It’s ironic really, how i value my privacy so much on Facebook, where all is limited to 624 friends and here I am sharing everything to the world – unlimited access.


My first gathering is a farewell to the girl in green.

bye bye TSH

When I look at this picture now,  June 27th feels like a lifetime ago. It’s (once again) ironic, how a falling out can lead to a handful of close friends.


Moving on: Jane’s birthday.

You know, I thought I would run out of firsts to do, but this summer marks my first time going for karaoke…. in Miri. I sang horribly, I didn’t get half the lyrics of the songs, but the friends around, that counts more than the money spent. Plus, it was my awesome oldest sis (..old habit dies hard.) birthday.

Jane, the birthday girl

Before you see the next .gif image (i don’t know why i am doing this) but i want to clarify that i. am. not. pregnant… dress problem. Yes, we actually did the 1-10 posts…We are not the la-la girls, as how my cousin put it, hence not consistent. Jennie’s poses :  omg, i just noticed…. the standard poses of 1-10 !

click on the picture to see the 1-10 poses.


Also, I started work this summer. I wouldn’t call it intern, not exactly, because I didn’t get to put what I learn into practice. While friends are happily interning in air-conditioned offices, I am actually doing hard labour. I lasted more than a month, not because I could not bear with the sweat, but because there was nothing much I could do after they hired 15 new workers. And I hate doing nothing anywhere else besides home.

Initially, I was a little uncomfortable working with all the male native workers, but after a while I warmed up to them. There’s this guy I was pretty intimidated, with all dragon tattoos and his eyes, but then I realise he’s harmless too. Not that I’m counting on any help, but it’s nice to know there’s someone else to call when I landed in some deep sh*t. You know, show the scary faced and all.


Oh.. coming right up..  another first!

My first trip to Australia! Visiting Sydney is cool because my brother is there. More pictures of the trip here. The scarf my brother is wearing is finally m.i.n.e.  thanks brother. the best kind of guys are the kind who knows how to treat their sisters right HEHHEHEHE.

Sydney Harbour with brother.

Melbourne is alright, the best time was macroon-hunting. Hunting for food is always a pleasure. Some pictures of the melbourne trip here.


And when I came back from Australia, it was the best week in Miri! When my oldest cousin Adeline came for a visit, with their first-born Mya, and my first niece! She was so tiny that the first time I saw her I was so afraid I would break her bones. All of us grew so fond of her and is sad to see her leave.

cuteness overloaded.

I like to re-quote myself from the album description (if you cant see them… you missed out a lot)

“The Ng’s, the Yong’s, the Yee’s, the Lee’s, the Donald’s, the Virakorn’s.. we are all family (:”

four generations, one picture.

I like this picture most. my parents standing at the background, my grandmother resting on the armchair, me, and my niece. Four generations, one picture. Thanks to my cousin YJ.


I went to Brunei twice, to visit my awesome cousin MY. To show how awesome we are:


This summer, the first time I went to Brunei, I remembered staying awake talking till six in the morning. We filled each other with happy memories and juicy gossips. In every large group of friends, there will always be a black sheep. Someone with the attitude but everyone else is too nice to tell the person off.

friends of ours.

The second trip was even more enjoyable. The most significant memory would be the pillow tip incident. I have a habit of clutching the tip of a pillow before I slept, and somehow that night I particularly like Merciana brown-covered pillow. She was clutching it ever so tightly, but the tip was still showing. I told her “I don’t want your whole pillow. I just want the pillow tip… please?” Somehow she find that so hilarious that we both laughed so hard – it was surprising nobody woke up then.


Not to forget my awesome cousin KY in Miri too. The most recent is the M3 concert we went together – where I later discovered another group of C’s who are my semi-blood distant cousins. Look forward to more dinners with you, KY.


Went back to Riam twice. The first time was a Thursday, where the results are out. I taught them Biology last year for just a month, and grew close to one of the batch of students. Some tearful, some joyful, some confused. One of them held on strong, and only cried after I left. She thought I did not see her, but I did from afar.

Since they are pretty preoccupied that day, I came again the second time – with Caroline. This time we visited more of the school – the canteen uncles and aunties, the teachers and my friends! I had grown accustomed with them calling me “teacher” but caroline said that it felt weird. But once a teacher, always a teacher eh? I still call my teachers “teacher”, out of familiarity and respect.

ALS May 10 peace out!

I realised that I missed out a couple of pictures of other gatherings, but I remind myself: just because something doesn’t exist on the web doesn’t mean it never happened. It does.

And if I ever forget, there are always pictures in my Mac that I can look back and smile.

How did your summer go? ♥

*P.s. don’t mind the grammatical mistakes. It’s waaaaaay past my bedtime. The countdown now is 5 hours 27 minutes 5 seconds. And it is 5am.

**P.P.s.Some pictures I took: Random Little Things I Like

Summer Internship Pt 2 of 2


Here’s some work-related pictures/updates!

*giggles* This picture is just to prove that I actually do work in a workshop. I’m on a higher platform, so you can see half the workshop. The smiley face is where the company’s logo is 😛 Continue reading

Summer Internship Pt 1 of 1

I started work this summer.

Why? Because everyone else is. Almost everyone.

I now intern in an oil and gas company, where I alter between between office and workshop. In the office, it is more about reading up on manuals and operating procedures, occasionally helping out of colleagues with shredding and miscellaneous stuffs. In the workshop, it is far more interesting; I get to observe the process and help out in different areas. Nothing specific here, because from the other intern, E, some things are classified as “confidential”, and as for now, I’m not really sure which are..

It has only been my first week, and I met the most interesting people. I love knowing there are different personalities out there, different people from all walks of life, and we are lucky to cross paths with a handful of them in our life. Some of my colleagues are full of mischief, lacing each conversations with jokes and quirky comments. You know, it is difficult to take someone’s word when you can’t tell if they meant what they say or not. But then again, it makes working more relaxing and comfortable.

But some say the most thought-provoking matters. Continue reading