A milestone, 2013.

I first started this blog four years ago, on the night I touchdown in Manchester. It was my first journey overseas, although flying from Miri to KL was technically "over (the) seas". Get the pun? Jokes aside, when I first came to UK, I had absolutely no clue what to expect. Even with several lengthy emails … Continue reading A milestone, 2013.


Wang Lee Hom, Il Divo and Yundi Li

Concert week! This week, I've been to three live concerts/performances, in three different cities. Wang Lee Hom  王力宏 at O2 Arena, London Il Divo at Manchester Arena, Manchester Yundi Li at St George Hall Liverpool   These artists/bands need no introduction, so here are some of the best pictures I've taken during the show! Wang … Continue reading Wang Lee Hom, Il Divo and Yundi Li