Random Thoughts #04: Humility

I changed.  And it isn't for the better. I have always prided myself of being self-aware; my thinking, my actions, my behaviours, and of recent years, my strengths just as much as my weaknesses. I am always observing people around me; to be inspired by positive characters or to learn from negative ones. However, lately, the … Continue reading Random Thoughts #04: Humility


Random Thoughts #03: Difficult Conversations

I am not invisible. Nor am I invincible. There is no rule book on the game of life. It is human nature to believe with absolute certainty that our actions are morally and ethically correct - that we sometimes fail to see how our version of truths, when presented raw and unfiltered, may be perceived … Continue reading Random Thoughts #03: Difficult Conversations


Before you,the name was just a five letter word,two syllabus belonging to millions of people in the world.But when I called your name today,Someone else turned,6 feet and smiling,That reminds me of you.I am finally whole again,but why can't I forget,what it felt like to be broken..Daily Prompt: Unfurl

The End

I don’t know how to love but I loved you anyway and one day this heart so full of love for you will fade and I will never wonder about the what ifs


I don’t understand the things you did, But I wished you know, I loved you nevertheless I can’t take your tiredness away, But with every dish I scrubbed, I wanted to ease your burden I can’t take your anger away, But with every floor I mopped, I showed you I cared I can’t take your bitterness … Continue reading Closure