The Passing

How do we measure loss? Do we measure the time that they have gone, the way once we measured their birthdays? Do we calculate the times when it gets too hard to breathe or quantify the hollowness between each heartbeat? We don't talk about death. It isn't the morbidity of death itself, but the rawest and … Continue reading The Passing


I Lost You in Croatia

I don’t know you well, but I lost you anyway. I lost you on the way from Zadar, three years ago. After I received the unexpected notification, I remembered looking out of the van down the scenic road, and nothing much after. It was as though as I ate an ice cream too fast, except … Continue reading I Lost You in Croatia


I don’t understand the things you did, But I wished you know, I loved you nevertheless I can’t take your tiredness away, But with every dish I scrubbed, I wanted to ease your burden I can’t take your anger away, But with every floor I mopped, I showed you I cared I can’t take your bitterness … Continue reading Closure