Before you,the name was just a five letter word,two syllabus belonging to millions of people in the world.But when I called your name today,Someone else turned,6 feet and smiling,That reminds me of you.I am finally whole again,but why can't I forget,what it felt like to be broken..Daily Prompt: Unfurl


The End

I don’t know how to love but I loved you anyway and one day this heart so full of love for you will fade and I will never wonder about the what ifs


I don’t understand the things you did, But I wished you know, I loved you nevertheless I can’t take your tiredness away, But with every dish I scrubbed, I wanted to ease your burden I can’t take your anger away, But with every floor I mopped, I showed you I cared I can’t take your bitterness … Continue reading Closure

The Glass Heart

The Glass Heart The glass heart crystal and clear a picture perfect It does not bleed bears no grief feels no remorse. It does not care refuse to understand frozen in time The glass heart shatters in the palms of a stranger. Words feel flat pretentious actions follow overflowing misunderstanding The glass heart far from … Continue reading The Glass Heart

Fifty Words

For this week’s challenge, you must write a fifty-word story. Not five thousand, not five hundred, but precisely fifty words. She slipped while dancing under the disco ball. It was her moment but she ruined it. Laughter erupted. A tear. Her mascara was ruined. Her heart, breaking. A voice said: “Are you okay?” She nodded. … Continue reading Fifty Words


Mr X, memory lane I travel tonight merely because of  you. . My eyes twinkle my heart skips a beat melodious music in my ears. mini butterflies in my stomach millions of stars filled my dark sky my life simply thrown off balance moment we meet. . Midnight strolls by the beach, meteor shower viewing … Continue reading M