A Beautiful Reality

Daniella smiled in satisfaction as she took a step back and admire her artwork. Her painting was finally completed. The house was quiet, but not for long.

There was a familiar sound of a car pulling up to the driveway, and the car engine being turned off. As she opened the front door, she squatted down with her arms extended as little Marie rushed towards her. “Mummy, Mummy!” She cried in delight. In her tiny hand, she grasped a single tiny daisy flower. “This is for you, mummy.” She whispered into her mother’s ear and kiss her cheek as she passed the flower to Daniella. Continue reading


Leslie sat at a corner, hugging her knees. She had been in the darkness within the four bricked walls that she lost count of the days. She had not showered since she woke up and was so severely dehydrated that she had not pee in days. The humming of the ventilation fan somewhere above the ceiling was driving her mad. This was a reality too harsh to bear.

All this happened because she went against her better judgement. After being laid off from work and dumped by her so-called boyfriend on the same day, she headed off to the nearest bar and drowned her emotions, one shot after another. You’re not a risk taker, the words echoed in her mind like poison. Continue reading