2017 in Review

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” – Neale Donald Walsh

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2016 in Review

When you start to feel like things should have been better this year, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here. They are not accidents, and those moments weren’t in vain. You are not the same. You have grown and you are growing. You are breathing, you are living, you are wrapped in endless, boundless grace.

And things will get better. There is more to you than yesterday.

~ Morgan Harper Nichols

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2012 in Review

Ending 2012 on a good note because… it’s not the end of the world!

Jokes aside, 2012 is indeed a great year.

An overall recap for 2012: I went to concert for the first time in my life in March, and later, a farewell tour by Westlife in June. I also went for orchestra, and watched Phantom of the Opera musical and went for Harry Potter Studio Tour. I was part of Robogals and wrote a piece that got published in the Robogals monthly newsletter. On travel, I went to Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Mulu, London in UK, Krakow in Poland as well as Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome in Italy. I witnessed two wonders of the world, both the Colosseum and leaning tower of Pisa. Besides, I also went to several UNESCO World Heritage such as Bryggen in Norway, Mulu Cave in Malaysia and Salt Mine in Poland. I got to spend the beginning and end of summer at home. Continue reading

2011 in Review

As the year approaches to an end, it is the time of the year where once again, we are inevitably drawn to reflect on the events of previous year and make a mental list of the resolutions for the upcoming year.

However, have we ever taken the time to remember if we achieved our previous goals? Do we remember, exactly a year ago, we were busy drafting up new resolutions: things we would want to change about ourselves and habits we would want to grow out of? If you do, and successfully achieve them, congratulate yourself. Treat yourself to something nice before the year ends. If you have yet to realise those dreams, don’t fret, as there is always a few items on that list that somehow make its way to the new list. Continue reading