Reunion at Lola Roja Restaurant

Less than half hour after reaching Yee Ching’s place (thank you for letting us tumpang!), we are off to our reunion dinner at Lola Roja restaurant, known for the Spanish cuisine. It is a reunion for Mirian in UK (MiU). Those who came were: May, Caroline, me, Belinda, Ellis, Chun Sian, Hayden and his friend who introduced himself as Wong -___-”, but in fact there were a loooot of Mirians in UK.

I don’t have a lot of pictures of  the food because my camera was vibrating internally once again. There were a lot of food (will grab from facebook and upload here next year 😛 ), but I don’t really know the name of any of the dishes

Salami and bread sticks

savoury rice that took half hour to prepare

21 days old pig… poor piglet 😦

A group picture of all of us:

Did you realise all girls are with rosy cheeks? 😀

I would have put more pictures up, but you can view the photo album here (facebook album) . See, chun sian, i help you promote your album 😀 FREE PROMOTION lagi..  The meal costed around 18 pounds each, and the night ended at around ten-ish.

Zooom to the next post:


Boxing Day

Christmas Day as per this post: Merry Christmas: once twice thrice Part 3

It was on a Sunday, and I decided to go to church mass with the rest, partly because I’m slightly curious and partly because I did not want to take the tube alone. We were early for a 9.30am service, which was changed to a 10.30am service.

After having a muffin at McD, they headed towards the church while I strolled down Oxford Street. Most shops weren’t open yet , opening time for most shops are at eleven to eleven thirty. Look at the queues in front of these shops before opening time!

Top Shop



Some shops open early and are bustling with customers! Probably some of them were like me, wondering aimlessly and entering the shops because it felt warmer.


inside Apple store

Some shops are out of my price range even after a 50% discount for products

LOOOL. I had a checklist for things to buy in London and happy to say, they were almost all checked! It sounds silly to be squeezing with the crowd, but I was in a shopping mood that day. Boots, check! Jeans, check! Camera, not checked 😦 !

Supposed to look emo-ish, but I can’t help but grin. I went to Curry Digital at around 4, and the queue was just frightening long. The salesmen had to hold the door to prevent more people from bursting into the place.

Got an extra shirt from E-Spirit. Extra, because I didn’t intend to buy any, just try out the clothes, but the fitting room made me soooo excited 😉

cause it’s all purple!

I’m not going to post the pictures of the jeans and shirt up just yet, but here’s half of the boots!

FINALLY, I GOT A NEW CAMERA !! More from me after my trip from Germany! 😀 stay tunedddd. 😀