2011 in Review

As the year approaches to an end, it is the time of the year where once again, we are inevitably drawn to reflect on the events of previous year and make a mental list of the resolutions for the upcoming year.

However, have we ever taken the time to remember if we achieved our previous goals? Do we remember, exactly a year ago, we were busy drafting up new resolutions: things we would want to change about ourselves and habits we would want to grow out of? If you do, and successfully achieve them, congratulate yourself. Treat yourself to something nice before the year ends. If you have yet to realise those dreams, don’t fret, as there is always a few items on that list that somehow make its way to the new list. Continue reading

Bits and Pieces of 2011

Some pictures before 2011 ends! 😀 In no particular order though.

Most recent, Caroline’s 21st birthday. We celebrated it at Pearl City, Chinatown.

111229 at Pearl City
Group photo take 1
Group photo take 2
21 years old, not 12 😛
Caroline and her present

It took me more than six months to korek the actual camera model that she wanted. And thanks to everyone who chipped in to buy this lovely present. Happy 21st Birthday Caroline !! The green card read “Warmest wishes from: …. (everyone who chipped in)” 😀


Before this dinner, Caroline and I met up with my primary schoolmate (also our secondary schoolmate), Rebecca! It’s also a perfect excuse to distract her while everyone prepared for the dinner that night. Say hello to Rebecca, my friend for more than 13 years!

with my awesome zhi pai skills….
the food!!

The next picture of me is hideous, but I find it hilarious, so here’s for laughing at myself ):

1. Looks like we are quarrelling.
Looks like nobody won the imaginary fight 😛


Had some photoshoot in Jessop when my brother bought his camera.

There’s still quite a few in my computer but that’s all I’m posting on my blog 😛

Bro and I went to watch a football match between Chelsea and Fulham on boxing day in London

111226 Chelsea Game


University life, and probably the three group pictures in my entire with more than malaysians.Just saying.

111213 Design Project Groupmates
111103 Lab group B8
111009 Parva’s belated 21st


Nottingham Games

Suhaib’s prebirthday party.

111210 Christmas Market

The End. Yes, it’s an abrupt ending, LOL. It’s too troublesome to post all the pictures up, so hope you enjoyed the few that you have just seen (:

Au Revoir, Paris

Paris had been fun.

The second day of Paris was fruitful and more enjoyable. We met up with Anastasia and her two younger sisters. It is pleasant to have familiar faces in a foreign place. And the five of us embarked on a tour around Paris. Dining in Paris was fun. The most memorable was when we tried escargots, a dish of snails, which tasted a lot like chicken. (:

Escargots (:
At Tour Eiffel
Mussels at some Belgium restaurant.

Anyone who goes to Paris would definitely visit the Paris tower, and we did too. However, the weather was not as sunny as grey clouds blanketed the city throughout the day. We pre-bought the tickets to go to the summit of Paris tower, otherwise we had to queue for hours to buy the tickets on the spot.

Paris tower
Brother at Paris tower
Paris tower and me!
Both of us at Paris tower
Girls: Anas and her two sis and me!

Paris tower was crowded, and we had to wait for hours before we could reach the top. Like anything else worth waiting for, and we did, we finally reached the top the view was breathtaking, even if we couldn’t see much of it.

Entering the Paris tower
Brother and I : Midway of the tower
Top of the tower
Group Picture on the top of the tower
Vain vain 🙂
view at Mid level of Paris tower
From the top of the tower- It’s Fogggggy

We also went to the Lourve Museum, but the queue to enter the museum was at least six hours long, so we decided against it. It is amazing how patient people would wait under the drizzling rain just for a glimpse of the Mona Lisa portrait. My brother was so excited about visiting one of the shooting sites of Da Vinci Code – a movie i have yet to watch.

Lourve museum
Brother and I in front of the Lourve museum
Brother in front of the Lourve museum
Pyramid at his hand
I visited the Lourve museum!

To be honest, I was more fascinated by the fountain surrounding the pyramid structured building.

Fountain next to Lourve museum

Since we couldn’t get in, we walked round Paris to see other landmarks we identified during the bus tour.

Arc de Triomphe from the bus
Clare and I in the bus
in the bus
Pont Alexandre III
Louis Vuitton
Le Grand Palais

The roads in Paris were pretty crazy. Some roads are at least 10 lanes wide, with no particular lines in between. The drivers in Paris can be classified as either dangerous or skillful, depending on how optimistic you are. And I thought the drivers in London are crazy enough.

Paris eye?

Paris is beautiful, but all good things must come to and end, as we left Paris after four days.

Last view of Paris

Maybe someday I’ll visit the city of love again.