2012 in Review

Ending 2012 on a good note because… it’s not the end of the world! Jokes aside, 2012 is indeed a great year. An overall recap for 2012: I went to concert for the first time in my life in March, and later, a farewell tour by Westlife in June. I also went for orchestra, and … Continue reading 2012 in Review


How We End Up As Strangers

Dear friend, I don’t remember how we met. It was six years ago, all the way back to high school. The reason remained unknown; we were never in the same class or had the same club activities or hung out in the same clique. We were acquainted through introduction from mutual friends or simply being … Continue reading How We End Up As Strangers


 I am not an avid traveller.  Most of the places I have been to are for the company instead of the scenery itself.  As the saying goes: the more the merrier. The last Europe trip I been to was Norway, as soon as summer started. And as the summer ended, we had another Europe trip … Continue reading Poland