Friday at the Beach

September 3rd 2010. 5.30p.m onwards.

My first time this year to go to the beach. It’s about time, isn’t it? I went right after swimming with another bunch of friends. We took a long walk by the beach, enjoying the evening scenery. There are not much clouds today, just a clear blue sky. We had our dinner at Tanjong –  a little disappointed at the quantity and the quality of food. Not elaborating much, let pictures do the talking. – Introducing..

Tanjong Beach, Miri.

can you see the Marina Beach at the end?

liang moi in red walking towards us.

with lee ching

Beatric and Pei Lee

baby crab !

i spot a rainbow!

tried editing one picture (the above), but i think it looks very… unreal.

One group photo before dinner.

l-r: Eda, Senq(i think), Danny (i think), Joanna, Felix (on the phone), Beatric, Pei Lee, Lily, Mazlin, Hui Thing, me, Lee Ching, Adeling, Chia Ching

Say goodbye.. i’ll see you all next june 🙂

p/s for those of you who has some pictures of us can you send it to my email in full resolution (hehehe!) please ? tq!

Three Out of Three

There are times I stare at the blanking screen, the blinking I at the beginning of the post and wonder, why do I even bother to blog?

Is it the burning desire to be heard? Or to be recognised by people who don’t run in the same cliques. To keep up to date with people who we used to know but lose contact somewhere along the way. Or is it the need to string fancy words into a sentence? Or simply because everyone does it too?

Another emo post coming up? Don’t be too sure about it.


A week has disappeared just as quickly as it came. Things that strike as routine seems  unimportant to describe anymore.

I got my injection last monday. Second booster for Hep A. I’ve never been a fan of needles and syringes, and don’t think I would ever want to be. As the needle pricks a hole into my skin, I thought about all the worst possible scenario; the needle break halfway, the dose enter the wrong blood streams and all, and felt the numbing sensation all over my left arm.


On wednesday, as usual is the violin class. But the odd thing was the violin teacher had apparently mixed up Fu Yuan’s lesson and mine. Mixed up, as in, we both have the same lesson timing. Odd huh? Fu Yuan was my primary schoolmate, and we had the same tuition throughout our five years in secondary school.

I could not understand why such confusion could occur. If you know both of us, you would point out very clearly there are no resemblance in both of us, apart from our skin tone. Since I know her, we shared my slot with my fees being reduced by half that day.  One person who can’t play the violin is terrible enough. imagine two – in. the. same. room.

We start talking about ourselves, mutual friends and all. We try our best to keep up to date with the people we know. Lots of people’s name came up, and eventually caroline’ name. When i started this lesson, I was actually estimating the number of lessons before caroline’ name came up. It was either around September or never. No reason. (no offense caroline XD)

The party we were both invited to eventually rise. I didn’t know how she did it but i must say, she changed my mind.


That lesson which bring me to today.

I’ve just returned from ellis’ house party. We arrived early, 10 minutes before six, all because Kok Hao wanted to watch sunset at the beach. But the sun doesn’t set till six thirty. It was beautiful of course.

I notice someone that I shouldn’t. It’s either from blogs, mutual friends or simply dejavu.When I browse through his blog, I realised he never had his picture up, probably for anonymity. So how did I recognise the person? HAHA!  There are around thirty of us, and if I were to divide us simply … which I wont. LOL. Oops.

I wouldn’t elaborate much on today though. There’s some things I want to say, but not here. Some things I meant to forget resurfaces. Good night Miri! In a couple of hours, goodbye Guan! HAHA!

Toodles… Till the next good thing arrive.